Adult Education and Training

Resources for current standards

Resources are available for the following unit standards in the Adult Education and Training subfield:

Standard ID Level Title Resources  

7093 v5


Plan for delivery of learning sessions for adults

Guidelines-for-Assessors (PDF, 177KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 126KB)

7110 v5


Critically evaluate and improve own professional knowledge and practice in adult education and training

Guidelines-for-Assessors (PDF, 126KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 122KB)

29689 v1


Design and prepare adult learning sessions for a variety of contexts

Guidelines-for-Assessors (PDF, 177KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 127KB)

29690 v1


Describe principles and theories of adult learning

Guidelines-for-Assessors (PDF, 110KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 121KB)

29691 v1


Facilitate adult learning sessions using adult teaching and learning theories and frameworks

Guidelines-for-Assessors (PDF, 221KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 131KB)

29692 v1


Deliver learning sessions for adults

Guidelines-for-Assessors (PDF, 195KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 125KB)

These documents are intended as guides only, to support assessors and candidates. It is expected that assessors will use them as tools to develop their own assessments in a way that is relevant to the context in which their assessment occurs. They are not teaching plans.

Relevant New Zealand qualifications

The standards can provide pathways for the following qualifications:

The following landscape documents for these qualifications show how the listed standards align with their respective graduate profile outcome:


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