Assessment of Learning Support Materials

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Resources for current standards

Resources are available for the following unit standards in the Assessment of Learning Support Materials:

Standard ID Level Title Resources  

4098 v8


Use standards to assess candidate performance

Guidelines-for-Assessors-and Candidates (PDF, 201KB)

Guidelines for (DOCX, 696KB)

Assessors and Candidates (DOCX, 696KB)

11551 v6


Quality assure assessment

Guidelines-for-Assessors-and Candidates (PDF, 220KB)

Guidelines for (DOCX, 695KB)

Assessors and Candidates (DOCX, 695KB)

11552 v6


Design and evaluate assessment materials

 Guidelines-for-Assessors-and Candidates (PDF, 200KB)

Guidelines for (DOCX, 697KB)

Assessors and Candidates (DOCX, 697KB)

29693 v1


Review, evaluate and identify areas of improvement for own adult education and teaching practice

Guidelines-for-Assessors and Candidates (PDF, 117KB)

Guidelines for (DOCX, 116KB)

Assessors (DOCX, 116KB)

30421 v1


Carry out assessments against standards to make judgements of learner performance

Guidelines-for-Assessors and Candidates (PDF, 168KB)

Guidelines for (DOCX, 135KB)

Assessors (DOCX, 135KB)

30422 v1


Participate in the quality assurance of assessment

Guidelines-for-Assessors and Candidates (PDF, 126KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 130KB)

30423 v1


Participate in assessment processes as a verifier

Guidelines-for-Assessors and Candidates (PDF, 160KB)

Guidelines for Assessors (DOCX, 134KB)

These documents are intended as guides only, to support assessors and candidates. It is expected that assessors will use them as tools to develop their own assessments in a way that is relevant to the context in which their assessment occurs.  They are not teaching plans.

Relevant New Zealand qualifications

The standards can provide pathways for the following qualifications:

The following landscape documents for these qualifications show how the listed standards align with their respective graduate profile outcomes:

Resources for expiring Standards

Resources are also available for the following standards which are due to expire in 2020 and 2021:

Standard ID Level Title Resources

11281 v4


Prepare candidate(s) for assessment against standards


Guidance (PDF, 86KB)

Notes (PDF, 18KB)

18203 v4


Verify evidence for assessment


Guidance (PDF, 122KB)

Notes (PDF, 18KB)

Integrated Assessment

Integrated assessments can be used when learning/assessment conditions fit a naturally existing process, where standards or outcomes of standards overlap, or where different standards are complementary and fit for the assessment purpose.  The following is an example of integrated assessment using unit standards 4098 and 11281.

Standards Resources

Unit standards 4098 and 11281

Assessment guidance for assessor (PDF, 166KB)

Notes for Trainee Assessor (PDF, 113KB)


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