Vocational Pathways Assessment Support Material (ASM)


Assessment Support Materials (ASM) are available for National Qualifications Services (NQS) owned unit standards included in the Vocational Pathways.

Vocational Pathways Internal Assessment Resources (ASMs) for achievement standards are available on the Ministry of Education TKI website.

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About Vocational Pathways

The Vocational Pathways provide new ways to structure and achieve NCEA Level 2, the foundation for successful transitions to further education and work. They enable students to see how their learning is relevant for a wide range of jobs and study options in six broad sectors of industry:

Construction and Infrastructure VP2 undefined
Creative Industries
Manufacturing and Technology
Primary Industries
Services Industries
Social and Community Services

You can read the Vocational Pathways programme guidance documents, and other resources are available from http://youthguarantee.net.nz/resources/.

NQS developed ASM resources for unit standards in Vocational Pathways

Assessment Support Materials (ASM) have been developed for a limited number of unit standards. They are recommended or sector related for a particular vocational pathway.

The materials below are intended to:

  • be relevant to both secondary and tertiary settings
  • provide models to assist assessors to develop further tasks
  • make it easier for assessors to assess effectively, efficiently and consistently.

These resources are intended as a guide only. Assessors are expected to adapt them to ensure authenticity and develop assessments that are relevant to the context in which they are being used.

Std Lvl Cr Ver Domain Vocational Pathways Standard title Guidelines
56 1 2 9

Core Generic>Work and Study Skills








Respond orally to customer enquiries

Assessor (DOCX, 3.3MB)

Student (PDF, 354KB)





Communication Skills > Interpersonal Communications








Communicate information in a specified workplace

Assessor (PDF, 439KB)

Student (PDF, 425KB)





Core Generic > Work and Study Skills








Describe obligations as an employee

Assessor (PDF, 471KB)

Student (PDF, 580KB)





Communications Skills > Interpersonal Communications








Communicate in a team or group which has an objective

Assessor (PDF, 421KB)

Student (PDF, 436KB)





Generic Computing








Find information using the internet

Assessor (PDF, 235KB)

Student (PDF, 262KB)

ASM resources are also available for the following standards:

Pacific Indigenous Knowledge (PIK) standards ASMs are specified for the Social and Community Services and the Creative industries vocational pathways. Resources for 17162, 17163, 26538, 26539 are available from the PIK ASM webpage.

Financial capability standards ASMs are specified for the Services industries vocational pathway.  Resources for 28095, 28096, 28097 are available from the FinCap ASM webpage.

Legal studies standards ASMs are specified for the Social and Community Services vocational pathways. Resources for 27839 and 27845 are available from the Legal Studies ASM webpage.

ASM for some English language standards are being prepared in 2018 and information will be updated when these become available.


Please send your comments and/or feedback to National Qualifications Services at nqs@nzqa.govt.nz.

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