Qualifications and standards

Review of Core Generic unit standards

This review is now complete. The new and reviewed unit standards have been published. These can be accessed by searching for the unit standard's reference number or classification name.

For more information on the outcome of this review, please download the Review of Core Generic and Communication Skills unit standards change report.


NZQA National Qualifications Services (NQS) invited feedback on the reviewed unit standards in three Core Generic domains: Self-ManagementSocial and Cooperative Skills, and Work and Study Skills in November 2017.

These unit standards have been reviewed by two panels, supported by an e-mail network of stakeholders.

  • As a result of the review:
    • Many of the standards have been condensed to one outcome, and/or have reduced and/or simplified Evidence requirements: relevant standards are labelled “Condensed” in the table.
    • The overall outcome in most standards is substantially unchanged, although minor amendments may have been made:  labelled A or B in the change report table.
    • The Last date for assessment for the current/superseded version of the standards will be 31 December 2019.
    • Seven new standards have been developed.
    • Reference to assessment support material has been removed from the standards, in light of the proposal to redevelop support material (refer to 'A New Approach for Assessment Support Material': although this has closed, contributions and expressions of interest are still welcome at nqs@nzqa.govt.nz).
  • Refer to the change report table for changes to title, level, and credits, and some explanatory comments.
  • The standards reflect the new template, where Explanatory notes are renamed Guidance information, and Evidence requirements become Performance criteria.
  • Standards 9695 and 9696, problem-solving, were included in this review at the request of the recent review of Communication Skills standards, and have been reclassified into domain Self-Management.
  • Standards 26622-27, Literacy and Numeracy, and 64, Workplace calculations, were reviewed in 2016 and were excluded from this review.
  • Standard 1827, Identify support services and resources within the community, was not part of the review as National Qualifications Services (NQS) is not the standard setting body (SSB).


Please send your comments and/or feedback to National Qualifications Services at nqs@nzqa.govt.nz.

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