Qualifications and standards

Reviewed Literacy and Numeracy unit standards

COVID-19 update: Remote collection of evidence

In response to the impacts caused by COVID-19 on assessment, NZQA has published Guidance for Literacy and Numeracy unit standards - remote collection of evidence (PDF, 196KB).  This evidence needs to be embedded in the learning activities that are part of the planned teaching and learning.

The reviewed Literacy and Numeracy unit standards are now available.  Unit standard 26624 (Read texts with understanding) is an interim version, allowing participants in the pilot of the Literacy and Numeracy Digital Guidance Tool (LiNDET) to be awarded the credits based on a mix of digital and naturally occurring evidence. The fully reviewed version of 26624 will be published when possible.

The review was conducted by representative review panels, supported by an email network of stakeholders.

The changes include provision for online assessment for two standards, 26623 (Use number to solve problems) and 26624.


Consultation closed 6 March 2017

Thank you to all who responded to our request for feedback, either through this consultation or during the review process itself.  The response to consultation feedback is now available (DOCX, 182KB).



Write to communicate ideas for a purpose and audience


Read texts with understanding


Actively participate in spoken interactions



Use number to solve problems


Interpret statistical information for a purpose


Use measurement to solve problems


Please send your comments and/or feedback to National Qualifications Services at nqs@nzqa.govt.nz. 

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