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Listed Assessment Standards

February 2019

Māori Qualifications Services are pleased to advise that the reviewed Tikanga unit standards were listed on the directory of assessment (DAS) with the addition of five new Tikanga unit standards.

Tikanga Concepts

 ID  Title Level  Credit
16032 Examine the use of Māori modes in transmitting Māori history  3  6
16033 Utilise Māori modes to explain an event in Māori history  2  4
16034 Utilise Māori modes to explain an event in Māori history  3  6
16038 Present an oral account of an event in Māori history  2  3
16042 Explain whakapapa in relation to Māori history  3  4
16054 Present an oral account of an event in Māori history  2  3
16058 Describe the establishment and history of a hāhi Māori  2  4
16201  Explain ora and hauora, and associated kaupapa  6  5
27118  Explain the deeds and roles of Māui and how these have influenced iwi  3  4
27124  Identify and explain the concepts of whānau, hapū and iwi in accordance with tikanga  3  3

Tikanga Issues

 ID Titile Level Credit
6149 Describe the effects of social policy changes on Māori in an urban and a rural environment 4 4
16046 Describe the relationship between Māori and Pākehā prior to 1840 2 5
16051 Describe the wars between Māori and Pākehā during the 1800s in accordance with ngā kōrero tuku iho 2 5
16052 Describe the dispossession of Māori land and its effects 3 6
16053 Describe key historical events for one hapū or iwi post-Pākehā contact 3 6
16055 Describe the history of Māori involvement in pakanga 3 8
16059 Demonstrate knowledge of the history of Māori in politics 3 8
16060 Evaluate minority protest movements and their effectiveness 3 6
16067 Identify the rights and obligations of Māori when dealing with police and other authorities 3 6

Tikanga Practicies

 ID Titile Level Credit
16139 Describe a kīngitanga hui 3  6
16140 Explain kawa and tikanga associated with kawanga whare 4  10

Describe the practices associated with a pōwhiriin accordance with tikanga and/or kawa

2  2
16143 Demonstrate knowledge of kawa and tikanga associated with pōwhiri or whakatau  2  10
16151 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga associated with whāngai tamariki 2  10
31505 Explain the use of karakia relevant to a kaupapa 2  3
31506 Explain the use of waiata relevant to a kaupapa 2  3
31507 Participate in the recitation of a karakia at a hui 2 3
31508 Participate in the pōwhiri process 3  2
31509 Participate in the performance of a waiata tautoko at a hui 2  3


For more information on the outcome of this review please download the Review of Tikanga Assessment standards change report.

Assessment Support Materials

Assessment support materials are available to assist kaiako develop programmes and assess against a range of these assessment standards.


For the latest information and updates please contact Māori Qualifications Services.


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