NZQA-led standards reviews and developments

This page is about reviews and developments facilitated by NZQA Qualifications Services (QS). QS is responsible for the development, maintenance and review of nationally recognised assessment standards (generic and Field Māori) to support industry, employer, hapū, iwi and Government goals.

We work with industry, employers, professional groups, Whakaruruhau and other stakeholders to develop assessment standards that are nationally recognised and fit for purpose. NZQA has two standard setting bodies (SSB) responsible for the quality and credibility of the assessment standards that are submitted to NZQA for listing.

Māori Qualifications Services

Mātauranga Māori standards and qualifications have been developed with a Māori world view and in consultation with whānau, hapū, and iwi; and with the guidance and expertise of Whakaruruhau, Governance and Working Groups.

National Qualifications Services

Reviews to be undertaken in 2021

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The assessment standard review structure



For further information, please email either National Qualifications Services or Māori Qualifications Services.

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