Computing unit standards review

Current review

NZQA National Qualifications Services (NQS) is reviewing the suite of Computing unit standards at Levels 1-5 in 2020-21.  This includes standards that are aligned to the Level 2-4 Computing and IT qualifications which were reviewed 2019-20.

The review is of the following seventy-five (75) unit standards:

Subfield Domain Unit standard
Computing Computer Support 6836, 6852, 18750, 26227, 29784, 29798, 29810, 29817
Generic Computing 2792, 2796, 2797, 5943, 5946, 5951, 5955, 5968, 6745, 7910, 18734, 18743, 18756, 18758, 25659, 25782, 26226, 26228, 29769-29783, 29785-29809, 29811, 29812, 29814-29816
Software Development - Programming 6761, 18739-18741, 29813

The review will also update the landscape of computing unit standards mapped to NZ qualifications at Levels 2-4 (DOCX, 41KB) (DOCX, 41KB).

The review panel convened in November 2020, and will reconvene February – May 2021 as required to:

  • examine the current standards and to decide whether/how they need to be amended so that they continue to align to the reviewed Level 2-4 computing and IT qualifications and meet identified needs
  • where relevant, develop other new standards if needed.

Email network and feedback

Members of the email network will receive regular updates between meetings with opportunities to contribute feedback, opinions, and ideas. We are happy to add people to the email network at any time.  Please send a message to asking to be added to the email network list.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the ongoing quality of these standards.

 Resources and links

Completed reviews

2019 – Extension of expiry date

Details are available in the June 2019 extension of expiry date of Generic Computing unit standards change report.

The last date for assessment of eight expiring unit standards was extended from 31 December 2019 to 31 December 2020.

2017 – Development and Review of Computing unit standards

Details are available in the January 2017 Review of Computing unit standards change report.

The new and reviewed suite of Computing unit standards developed for use as assessment tools for NZ Computing and IT qualifications at Levels 2-4 were published in January 2017.  The new Computing unit standards are in the Generic Computing and Computer Support domains are numbered from 29769 – 29817.


For more information and/or comments regarding these unit standards, please email:


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