Qualifications and standards

Review and revision of Assessment of Learning unit standards

Consultation on the review of unit standards 4098 and 11280, and revision of unit standard 30421

Closing date 10 April 2018

Feedback is invited on draft unit standards resulting from the review of unit standards 4098 and 11280, and revision of unit standard 30421, all from the Assessment of Learning domain.

See the consultation page for more information.


In 2017, the NZQA National Qualifications Services developed seven Level 4 and Level 6 unit standards, reviewed four Adult Education and Training and Generic Education and Training unit standards, and revised and rolled over unit standard 4098. This was done as part of ensuring there is a pathway suitable for those who wish to use unit standards as assessment tools in programmes towards the following qualifications:

During the review process, it was recommended that 4098 be replaced by new standard 30421. However, it became apparent more discussion was needed about 4098 and its suitability for different stakeholders so it was rolled over in anticipation of further development.

The panel also took the opportunity to conduct a review of 11280, which was due for review, to maintain its currency.

An Industry Training Organisation (ITO) working group was formed to provide further input into the 4098 review process. They built on the work undertaken by the original review panel, which reflected the balance of the sector and had:

  • expertise in adult education and training
  • understanding of the needs of adult learners
  • commitment to the use of unit standards as assessment tools in programmes
  • commitment to open communication, collaborative problem solving, and team work.


Any feedback or interpretation issues with the draft standards that might inform the review panel and working group can be forwarded to nqs@nzqa.govt.nz.

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