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Review of Business Administration unit standards 2019

Current developments

The review panel met three times and have now reviewed 50 of the 54 legacy Business Administration unit standards within the scope of this review.  Four medical administration unit standards are still to be reviewed.

What’s proposed

  • 18 standards are proposed (11 reviewed and retained, 7 new).  These standards are in addition to the 14 Level 3-6 Business Administration unit standards created specifically to align with the Business Qualifications. 
  • 39 standards are proposed to expire in December 2022.  29 have no direct replacement.  10 have specified replacement relationships with five new standards. 
  • Two of the four domains are proposed to expire - Business Information Management (BIM), Text and Information Management – Generic (TIM).     

The standards are proposed to expire because they are no longer fit for purpose, or show significant duplication with other standards.  With the evolution of technology many of the standards no longer reflected current work practice, so no longer need credentialing. 

E-support network

The e-support network has been provided with progress updates following review panel meetings in February and May 2019, and invited to provide feedback on the proposed changes as the project progresses.

These updates provide further detail on the approach and proposed changes.  E-support network feedback will be considered prior to full consultation. 


In 2019 the NZQA National Qualifications Services (NQS) began the review of Business Administration unit standards currently listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).

This review is of all the current Business Administration unit standards at Levels 1 to 6, excluding the new Business Administration (BAT) unit standards (29024 – 29027; 29029 - 29038) developed specifically for the New Zealand Business qualifications in May 2016.  

The review is of the following fifty-four (54) Business Administration unit standards in four domains:




Business Administration

Business Administration Services (BAS)

121, 122, 123, 327, 328, 329, 334, 335, 11648-11651, 11653, 21862, 21863, 21864, 21866-21868, 26768

Business Information Management (BIM)

114, 125, 1986, 6910, 11646, 11647, 27642, 27643

Business Information Processing (BIP)

101-113, 117, 16677-16682, 18180

Text and Information Management – Generic (TIM)


Unit standards must be needs based.  Some key issues have been considered around future demand and duplication with other standards.

We have been particularly interested in whether there is an ongoing need to justify keeping the unit standards that are not specifically linked to the new Business (Administration and Technology) or other qualifications and, if we do, whether we need four domains in Business Administration.

Stakeholder feedback and input to inform the Business Administration unit standards review was invited prior to the review panel being convened, and an email support network have received updates and been given the opportunity to provide feedback as the review progresses. 

Feedback and contact

Please send any feedback or requests to be added to the e-network to nqs@nzqa.govt.nz


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