Qualifications and standards

Revision and rollover of Science unit standards

NZQA National Qualifications Services initiated the revision and rollover of unit standards from the subfield Science.  These unit standards were due for review by December 2015, but due to the Mandatory Review of Qualifications it was decided to rollover the unit standards so they could be used until the National qualifications are expired.

Providers who had reported results against these unit standards were asked to identify unit standards requiring revision before the rollover process commenced. Six unit standards requiring minor revision were identified:

8033 4 Culture and identify fungi to division level 5 3
8444 5 Perform analysis of water 6 6
26112 1 Demonstrate microbiological analysis of water quality 6 4
26347 1 Write, and present orally, a scientific report in an industrial or research laboratory 6 30
26509 1 Explain biodiversity of New Zealand 4 4
26510 1 Demonstrate knowledge of ecosystems 4 4

The remaining unit standards were changed to a new template without any changes to content.

National consultation on the revised standards was conducted in August 2014 through NZQA’s website.  No objections to the changes were received.

The new versions of the unit standards were published in February 2015.

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