Bachelor Honours Degree


A Bachelor Honours Degree recognises distinguished study at level 8. It may either be a degree in itself, or a discrete postgraduate degree following a Bachelor's Degree.

The award of honours recognises outstanding achievement, meritorious achievement or a pass; these may be termed first class honours, second class honours: first or second divisions, and third class honours.


Entry to honours study is normally based on achievement of above average performance in the credits within the Bachelor’s Degree that are relevant to the proposed honours study.


A graduate of a Bachelor Honours Degree is able to:

  • engage in self-directed learning and advanced study
  • demonstrate intellectual independence, analytic rigour, and the ability to understand and evaluate new knowledge and ideas
  • demonstrate the ability to identify topics for original research, plan and conduct research, analyse results, and communicate the findings to the satisfaction of subject experts.

Credit requirements

A Bachelor Honours Degree may be either a 480-credit degree, or a discrete 120-credit degree following a Bachelor's Degree.

The degree has a minimum of 120 credits at level 8, with a research component that represents at least 30 credits at that level.

Relationship with other qualifications

Achieved to an appropriate standard, a Bachelor Honours Degree should prepare graduates for admission to further postgraduate study.


Where the honours degree is a 480-credit (or more) programme, it must provide an exit point at the end of the study that meets the requirements for a Bachelor's Degree.

Some Bachelor Honours Degrees (for example Bachelor of Laws with Honours), approved prior to 1 January 2006, have a minimum of 60 credits at level 8. These qualifications will be grandparented under previous rules.

Research in the context of a Bachelor Honours Degree develops an individual’s ability to design and undertake a project under supervision, and to report on this in an appropriate way. It sharpens the individual's analytical and communication skills and provides a supported introduction to planning, conducting and reporting on the type of independent research that may be undertaken at higher levels.

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