Secondary school statistics

Secondary Statistics Consolidated Files

Secondary Statistics Consolidated Files provide attainment statistics for the achievement of NCEA, University Entrance, NCEA Certificate Endorsements, Literacy and Numeracy, Standards, Subjects, and Scholarship. All files are provided in Comma Separated (.csv) and Excel (.xlsx) formats with data broken down by Gender, Ethnicity, School Decile Band and Region.  Each file will include data for the previous ten academic years. 

For more information on the format and description of the content of the files, see File Summary (PDF, 1.4MB)

Data Files

Annual Report on NCEA & New Zealand Scholarship Data & Statistics

New Zealand's national system of assessment and qualifications for secondary school students produces a great deal of information that can be used to monitor the performance of the school system itself, and of the diverse range of students who are engaged in senior secondary education.

Each year NZQA produces its annual statistics report - Annual Report on NCEA & New Zealand Scholarship Data & Statistics. This report focuses on the previous year's assessments, but also summarises the activity and achievement of New Zealand's secondary school students over a number of prior years.

Download the Annual Report on NCEA & New Zealand Scholarship Data & Statistics (2022) (PDF, 3.1MB)

Attainment by the numbers (2022) (PDF, 331KB)

Previous reports

Report 2021 (PDF, 2.9MB) Attainment 2021 (PDF, 334KB)
Report 2020 (PDF, 2.8MB) Attainment 2020 (PDF, 275KB)
Report 2019 (PDF, 2.9MB) Attainment 2019 (PDF, 358KB)
Report 2018 (PDF, 3.1MB) Attainment 2018 (PDF, 355KB)
Report 2017 (PDF, 4.5MB) Report 2016 (PDF, 2.6MB)
Report 2015 (PDF, 2.5MB) Report 2014 (PDF, 2.8MB)
Report 2013 (PDF, 4.9MB) Report 2012 (PDF, 3.7MB)
Report 2011 (PDF, 2.8MB) Report 2010 (PDF, 3MB)
Report 2009 (PDF, 2.4MB)


NZQA and the Ministry of Education introduced an enrolment-based measure of NCEA and University Entrance attainment in April 2019. For more information see New enrolment-based measure of NCEA attainment


For more information please email Psychometrics, Reporting and Statistics

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