Advising NZQA of concerns about a tertiary education organisation

This page gives you information about raising concerns about a tertiary education organisation which you think NZQA should investigate.

If you are a student (or someone representing a student), and you have a complaint about something that has directly affected you, please refer to the Complain about an education provider page.

Complain about an education provider 

Providing NZQA with information about a tertiary education organisation

NZQA is responsible for the quality assurance of non-university tertiary education organisations. We use information from a wide range of sources to assist us with this role.

Information provided to us by students, staff and the public can help to identify areas where NZQA intervention may improve the quality of outcomes for students.

If you have evidence that there is a problem with a tertiary education organisation, please let us know about it.

In the first instance, you can phone 0800 697 296 and speak with one of our Risk Management team, or you can fill out this online form (HTML, 3KB).

What will happen next?

When we receive your information we will assess it carefully and we may:

  • ask you for more information
  • refer you to a more appropriate agency
  • discuss the issues with the tertiary education organisation taking account of any privacy or confidentiality issues or concerns
  • carry out an investigation
  • make a note of the concerns for future reference.

Unless the concerns relate to you personally (in which case, the formal student complaint process may be more appropriate), NZQA will not give you information about any investigation and findings.

We do, however, appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention, and will take them seriously.

Complain about an education provider

Will the tertiary education organisation know where NZQA got the information from?

As part of our assessment of your information, we look to see what other information is available to support your concern, and refer to that when we contact the tertiary education organisation.

However, some information cannot be investigated without identifying where the information has come from. In these cases, we will discuss this with you.

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