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Electrical Apparatus in Explosive Atmospheres - Operations
Level 4
17059 Unit Attend to breakdowns in explosive atmospheres
9 Credits
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Version 2
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This unit standard covers the explosion-protection aspects related to attendance to a breakdown in an explosive atmosphere, or of explosion-protected and associated apparatus. It requires the ability to ascertain the nature of a breakdown, the extent of repairs required and the personnel needed to repair the breakdown. This unit standard is intended for electricians, technicians, or engineers who are responsible for attending to breakdowns in explosive atmospheres, or of explosion-protected and associated apparatus. People credited with this unit standard are able to: . prepare to attend breakdown; . evaluate extent of work; . arrange repair work; and . confirm completion of work.
Consent & Moderation Requirements: CMR 3



Standard-setting body: The Skills Organisation

Data as at 12 August 2020