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Driver Licence Classes
Level 3
17575 Unit Operate a combination vehicle to meet the requirements for a full Class 3 driver licence
7 Credits
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Version 6
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People credited with this unit standard are able to: identify and explain driving hazards associated with a combination vehicle and describe measures to reduce the risks associated with the identified hazards; describe requirements relating to safe loading of a combination vehicle and driving techniques that minimise the adverse effects of a high centre of gravity; connect a trailer to the prime mover securely; carry out a pre-use walk-around inspection of a combination vehicle; drive a combination vehicle efficiently in different traffic and road conditions; manoeuvre a combination vehicle in reverse; park, shut down, and secure separately the trailer and prime mover of a combination vehicle; and complete driver logbook entries.
Consent & Moderation Requirements: CMR 14



Standard-setting body: Hanga-Aro-Rau Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics Workforce Development Council

Data as at 05 March 2024