TEO online services for registered providers

NZQA has an online self-service option available to enable tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to carry out the following tasks:

Submit applications online

  • Course approval and accreditation
  • Category 2 course change
  • NZQF accreditation - consent to assess
  • degree approval and accreditation
  • degree change.

View and maintain provider information

  • Maintain organisation and key contact details, contract details of governing body, and EFTs for non-TEC funded courses.
  • View Ministry of Education (MOE) number, date of registration, details of external evaluation and reviews.
  • Upload documents such as accountant attestations, annual returns, financial statements, PTE attestations, and SFP attestations.

Register to use the online self-service

NZQA's online self-service uses the Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation (ESAA) registration facility. You have to register to get access.

Log in to the online self-service

  1. Select the LOGIN OPTIONS button in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Under Tertiary Education Organisation Login select either Login and enter your username and password or select Digital Certificate Login
  3. The Tertiary Education Organisation menu will be displayed.

Note: Menu items will only be present for the facilities you have been given access to. If the facilities you require are not shown, complete the User details and access request form.

Further information

For questions about access or help with registration, contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk on 0800 422-599 or email service.desk@education.govt.nz.

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