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Changes to external assessment resources available on NZQA?s website

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This list may help you to identify keywords for your search or to find NQF standards in a range of domains. These links default to the lowest level of standard available. If you want a higher level, go back to the Search box and select the level you require. 

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Abrasive Blasting
Accommodation Services
Accounting (Mahi Kaute)
Accounting - Generic
Accounting - Middle Level
Actuarial Studies
Additive Manufacturing
Administration of Revenue Law
Adult Education and Training
Adult Education and Training Knowledge and Skills
Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education
Adult Literacy Educator
Advanced Rigging
Advanced Scaffolding
Adventure Based Learning
Adventure Tourism
Aerial Agrichemical Application
Aeronautical Armament
Aeronautical Composites
Aeronautical Document Production
Aeronautical Electroplating
Aeronautical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering - Core
Aeronautical Engineering Planning
Aeronautical Engineering Production Control
Aeronautical Engineering Quality Assurance
Aeronautical Engineering Technical Support
Aeronautical Machining
Aeronautical Maintenance Certification
Aeronautical Non Destructive Testing
Aeronautical Storekeeping
Aerospace Engineering
Agribusiness Management
Agrichemical Application
Agrichemical Contracting
Agrichemical Distribution
Agrichemical Supply
Agricultural and Horticultural Science
Agricultural Contracting
Agricultural Management
Agricultural Resource Maintenance
Agricultural Vehicles and Machinery
Agriculture Horticulture Science (Te Ahuwhenua me te Ahumara)
Ahupungao (Physics)
Air Cargo
Air Traffic Services
Air Training Corps
Aircraft Furnishings and Equipment
Aircraft Mechanical Maintenance
Aircraft Mechanical Repair and Overhaul
Aircraft Operation
Aircraft Painting
Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance
Aircraft Powerplant Repair and Overhaul
Aircraft Servicing
Aircraft Structures
Airport Customer Service
Airport Operations
Akoranga Hauora (Health)
Akoranga Onamata (Classical Studies)
Akoranga Papaho (Media Studies)
Akoranga Papori (Social Studies)
Allied Health Assistance
Alpine Resort Operations
Ambulance Services
Amenity Horticulture
Amenity Turf Maintenance
Anatomy and Physiology
Ancillary Footwear Trades and Machine Maintenance
Animal Breeding
Animal Care
Animal Care and Handling
Animal Handling
Animal Husbandry
Animal Product Examination
Animal Product Examination - Generic
Animal Product Examination - Species Specific
Animal Training
Apparel and Textile Manufacturing - Workplace Skills
Apparel Cutting and Sewing
Apparel Design and Patternmaking
Apparel Production Planning
Apparel Work Study
Applied Journalism
Applied Principles of Mechanical Engineering
Aquaculture Diving
Arabic for Industry
Arable Farming
Architectural Aluminium Joinery
Architectural Skills
Architectural Technology
Archive Management
Art History
Art History (Nga Korero Toi o Mua)
Art History Research
Art, Design and Craft History
Asphalt Roading
Asphalt Surfacing
Assessment and Programming in Special Education
Assessment of Adult Learning
Assessment of Learning
Automotive Administration
Automotive Air Conditioning
Automotive Auxiliary Fittings and Systems
Automotive Electrical and Electronics
Automotive Fuel Systems and Exhaust
Automotive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Automotive Hydraulics
Automotive Plastic Repair
Automotive Pneumatics
Automotive Preventative Maintenance
Automotive Preventive Maintenance
Automotive Radiator Repair
Automotive Refinishing
Automotive Reglazing
Automotive Sales
Automotive Trailers
Automotive Transmission Systems
Automotive Workshop Engineering
Aviation - Core
Avionic Electrical Repair
Avionic Instrument Repair
Avionic Maintenance
Avionic Radio Repair
Avionic Repair