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For external moderation, you must submit:

  • a completed Moderation Cover Sheet
  • a copy of the assessment materials - task/activity/assignment/instructions to students, including any related resources, teacher guidelines
  • a copy of the assessment schedule - both the evidence statement (sample answers) and the judgement statement
  • samples of student work.

You may also submit:

  • Optional teacher-selected evidence with questions for professional feedback.

Further guidance:

Moderation Cover Sheet - Ensure that student names and grades are aligned with the names and grades on the samples of work.

Cover Sheet

The assessment activity and any related resources or instructions which were handed out to students or used by teachers. Student instructions should be clearly identified and separated from any additional teacher guidelines.

The assessment schedule which was used to assess the activity. This should include:

  • Evidence statements which are sample answers for each level which relate to the contexts used in the activity
  • Judgement statements derived from the wording of the standard being assessed showing how the grades were awarded .

Generic evidence statements derived from a sample resource are insufficient for marking student work.

It is helpful to send any additional notes or student feedback which shows the moderator how grades were awarded.

Samples of student work which have been appropriately selected according to the school's random selection procedure. Each sample should be clearly labelled with the name that matches a name on the list in the Assessed Work section of the cover sheet. Each sample should include all responses to all tasks, clearly bundled together with the learner's name clearly visible on the top sheet.

Where oral evidence has been used by teachers to determine the awarded grade, this should be indicated by teachers and appropriately annotated to ensure the moderator is able to verify the evidence.

Where an individual response is made up of several components, eg poster and essay or CD presentation and essay, it is important to ensure that each part is clearly identified by the appropriate learner name and task number.

If responses such as posters are photocopied in reduced form (ie A3 reduced to A4 size) care should be taken to ensure that the learner responses remain easy to read.

The font size used in printed copies of electronic presentations should be reasonable for legibility, preferably 10 point or higher.

In the case of an electronic submission, it is helpful if each individual's total response can be accessed through the same file.

For further advice on file formats, see Assessment Matters circular, A2008/016, Preparing Visual Submissions for Moderation for NQF Qualifications

Optional teacher-selected evidence - You may also submit specific questions for feedback from the moderator. These can be for additional samples or for samples in the random selection. Record these on the reverse side of the Moderation Cover Sheet. It is recommended that questions relate to criteria and evidence requirements at grade boundaries. For further advice, see Assessment Matters circular, A2009/013, Sending optional teacher-selected evidence with external moderation.

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