Derived Grade Updates

February 2019
- 13 May 2019

Derived Grade Update 1

Derived Grade Updates are issued from time to time. They are designed to:

  • provide regular information and clarifications on the management of derived grade
  • enable Principal’s Nominees to share information with staff involved in the derived grade process
  • update Principal’s Nominees on refinements to the derived grade process.

The Updates complement information found on our website.

derived grade information for candidates

Topics in this Derived Grade Update

  • Restricting access to derived grade information
  • Declines and appeals
  • Requests for application forms
  • Managing assessment programmes of unwell students

Restricting access to derived grade information and documents

The information contained in derived grade applications is considered private and sensitive. Please ensure your 2018 application material is secure and amend the online security access of staff, as appropriate, using your Electronic Provisioning Authority (EPA).

Declined applications and appeal outcomes

NZQA notified candidates and the Principal’s Nominee only if an application was declined. All declined applications are peer reviewed.

Where candidates appeal a decline decision, the outcome is notified to the candidate and the Principal’s Nominee. Appeals are made to the School Quality Assurance and Liaison Manager and are independent of the Derived Grade Team.

Requests for further information in 2018

Derived grade decisions are based solely on the information provided by the school within the online application tool. To help us make appropriate decisions, schools need to provide sufficient information in supporting the application.

In 2018 the Derived Grade Team requested application forms from Principal’s Nominees, for some students, to further inform their decision making on whether to approve or decline a candidate’s application. This practice will continue for 2019, where required.

Managing assessment programmes of unwell students

Students returning to school will be determining their assessment programmes for the year. For those who are known to be unwell, including those with anxiety, please consider managing their assessment programme to support them to get well and reduce their anxiety.

Information from the 2018 Principal’s Nominee Seminar can be used as a guide to possible steps for managing the assessment programmes of known unwell students.

In certain circumstances, in addition to a reduced assessment programme, an application for special assessment conditions may be appropriate. Derived grades are for illness that occurs at examination time.

2019 Principal's Nominee Seminar Resources


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager.

School Relationship Manager
School Quality Assurance and Liaison
Telephone: 04 463 3000

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