Derived Grade Updates

July 2020
- 1 Jul 2020


Derived Grade and Unexpected Event Grade Updates are issued each term. They are available in the Derived grade section of your school’s Provider Login and complement information on the NZQA website.

Updated Derived Grade 2020 timelines

18 September Pre-approval applications where the change in examination timetable has resulted in a clash with a booking/commitment made prior to 13 May 2020
1 October Derived grade on-line application tool opens
By 10 November  Pre-approval applications for National Representation required
By 12 November Derived grade applications for portfolio subjects (Design and Visual Communication, Technology, Level 3 Visual Arts and Level 3 Education for Sustainability) due to Principal’s Nominee and entered on-line
By 5pm 10 December Derived grade applications for examinations due to Principal’s Nominee
By 5pm 11 December Derived grade on-line application tool closes

Topics in this UPDATE

Reminders from Update #2

  • The derived grade timelines have been updated (see above).
  • Derived grade application forms have been updated.
  • Assessment Evidence Gathering Templates for externals are available on the individual subject pages

Suggested things to do

Review Derived Grade Update #2 – available in the derived grade area of the school’s secure Provider login
Share with students the criteria and process for pre-approval for a derived grade as a result of the changes in the examination timetable announcement of 13 May 2020
Update derived grade information and forms available for staff and students
Remind teachers the evidence gathering templates for external examinations are available on subject pages
Ensure teachers are aware of the derived grade process for:
  • the MCAT – use the school’s missed assessment policy
  • Level 1 and 2 Visual Arts – use the school’s late assessment policy
  • DCAT and LCAT and Portfolio subjects – use the derived grade process
Ensure you are familiar with the process for managing student requests to change their examination centre

Pre-approval process for a derived grade as a result of the examination timetable changes

Students may apply to NZQA for pre-approval for a derived grade where the examination timetable changes have resulted in a conflict with an existing commitment.

Conditions for pre-approval

  • where possible, candidates should arrange to sit their examination at a different school examination centre. See here for this process.
  • NZQA will consider evidence and approve pre-approval applications on a case-by-case basis

pre-approval applications require:

  • proof that the commitment was made prior to the announcement of the examination timetable change on 13 May 2020
  • an explanation as to why:
    • the commitment cannot be changed
    • the student cannot sit their examination at another school
  • if the reason for the pre-approval does not go ahead, the pre-approval is withdrawn, and the candidate must attend their examination.

Pre-approval application forms

Pre-approval process

  • applications and supporting evidence must be emailed to by 18 September 2020
  • emailed applications must include the completed application form with:
    • evidence to confirm the commitment was made prior to 13 May 2020
    • the candidate’s contact email address
  • NZQA will email the outcome to the candidate with a copy to the Principal’s Nominee

Submitting pre-approved derived grade applications to NZQA

  • for students with a pre-approved derived grade, DO NOT ENTER their application online until you can confirm the student attended the commitment
  • Principal’s Nominees are required to attest the student attended the commitment when they make derived grade application on-line
  • the derived grade online application tool closes 5pm Friday 11 December 2020.
Some examples of commitments and possible evidence to show it was made prior to 13 May 2020
Example situation Evidence required
International students scheduled to return home when their examinations originally would have finished Flight ticket confirming date booked/paid for
Students who traditionally go overseas to sit college entrance examinations and then return to NZ to sit their NCEA examinations who may not be able to return to NZ or may have to quarantine on return. Email confirming registration for entrance examinations.
Flight ticket confirming date booked/paid for
Attendance at a significant family event could be grounds, for example parents/sibling wedding Email of invitation and copy of confirmation of acceptance to attend


Managing student absence for the MCAT, L1 and 2 Visual Arts, Digital CAT and Languages CAT

For Level 1 and 2 Visual Art - Use the school’s late assessment policy including providing and extension, where appropriate. The absence or impairment must be consistent with the school’s policy.

For Level 1 MCAT - Use the school’s missed assessment policy for student absence. See the MCAT Administrative Guidelines.

For the Digital CAT and Languages CAT - Use NZQA’s derived grade application process including obtaining supporting evidence. See the DCAT Administrative Guidelines and Administrative Guidelines for Cook Island Māori, Korean, Lea Faka-Tonga.

Links to derived grade information

Information for Candidates and Caregivers and for Principal’s Nominees.

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