Education Organisations details - Te Wananga o Raukawa (Otaki)

Education Organisations details - Te Wananga o Raukawa (Otaki)

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This organisation may not be currently delivering all of the programmes/training schemes listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Degree accreditations

Poutahu Ahunga Tikanga (level 8)

Poutahu Oranga Whanau (level 8)

Poutahu Tauira a Maui (level 8)

Poutahu Te Reo Maori (level 8)

Poutahu Whakaakoranga (level 8)

Poutahu Whakaakoranga Akorau (level 8)

Poutahu Whakahaere (level 8)

Poutuarongo Kaitiakitanga Putaiao (level 7)

Poutuarongo Kaute (level 7)

Poutuarongo Kawa Oranga (level 7)

Poutuarongo Toiora Whanau (level 7)

Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga Kohungahunga (level 7)

Tahuhu Ahunga Tikanga (level 9)

Tahuhu Matauranga Maori (level 9)

Tahuhu Oranga Whanau (level 9)

Tahuhu Te Reo Maori (level 9)

Tahuhu Whakaakoranga (level 9)

Tahuhu Whakahaere (level 9)

Programme accreditations and approved Training Schemes

Heke Kaitiakitanga Putaiao (level 5)
Heke Kawa Oranga (level 5)
Heke Te Rangakura Kaiwhakaako (Level 5) (level 5) *
Heke Whakaakoranga Kahungahunga (previously known as Heke Matauranga Whakaakoranga Kohungahunga) (level 5)
Poupou Huia Te Reo 1 (Kaupae 4), PpHTR1 (level 4) *
Poupou Huia Te Reo 2 (Kaupae 5), PpHTR2 (level 5) *
Poupou Karanga (level 4)
Poupou Pakari Tinana (level 4) *
Poupou Reo (PpReo) (level 3)
Poupou Tu Whaikorero (The Art and Discipline of Maori Oratory) (level 5)

Matauranga Maori Quality Assurance mark.

This programme has been approved and awarded the Matauranga Maori Quality Assurance Mark under Matauranga Maori EQA.

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