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Find Education Organisations

Information on recognised education organisations can be found by using the search function below.

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About provider search function

*NZQA places the performance of non-university providers into one of the following four provider categories:

  • Category 1: two Highly Confident judgements, or a Highly Confident judgement for educational performance and a Highly Confident/Confident judgement for self-assessment capability
  • Category 2: two Confident judgements, or a Highly Confident judgement in self-assessment and a Confident judgment in educational performance
  • Category 3: any Not Yet Confident judgement
  • Category 4: any Not Confident judgement.

The above includes institutes of technology and polytechnics, w?nanga, private training establishments and government training establishments

**Search words should be limited to provider name, provider number or physical location (eg city).

Information on registered providers is listed as follows:

  • contact details
  • provider number - this is the unique number assigned to each education provider - also referred to as the Ministry of Education number or provider code
  • Code of Practice signatory (COP) - this refers to education providers who are signatories to the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.
  • Qualifications
  • Consent to Assess
  • Programmes.