Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Canterbury Regional Council (Christchurch)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Domain consents to assess

Standard consents to assess

Assessment of Learning

4098 Use standards to assess candidate performance (level 4) View details »

Compliance and Regulatory Control

10425 Apply the HSE Act 1992 as an employee in a compliance and/or regulatory control workplace (level 4) View details »

Fire and Rescue Services - Generic Fire Fighting

3278 Demonstrate knowledge of command and control structure of an emergency service provider (level 2) View details »

20386 Operate portable pumps for firefighting (level 3) View details »

10618 Rescue casualties using rescue techniques (level 4) View details »

26994 Use general purpose knots and lines in an emergency situation (level 2) View details »

26995 Use rescue knots and lines in fire and rescue situations (level 3) View details »

Fire and Rescue Services - Structural and Industrial

16937 Apply community risk management elements in fire and rescue services (level 4) View details »

16936 Demonstrate knowledge of community risk management elements in fire and rescue services (level 3) View details »

14562 Perform specialist rescues in confined spaces (level 4) View details »

First Aid

6400 Manage first aid in an emergency situation (level 3) View details »

6402 Provide basic life support (level 2) View details »

6401 Provide first aid (level 2) View details »

Industrial Rope Access

19359 Identify, inspect and maintain height safety equipment (level 3) View details »

Interpersonal Communications

1304 Communicate with people from other cultures (level 3) View details »

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements (level 1) View details »

17600 Explain safe work practices for working at heights (level 3) View details »

Outdoor Equipment

4573 Communicate in the outdoors using two-way radio (level 2) View details »

Rope Rescue

20536 Demonstrate awareness of rope rescue operations and hazards (level 2) View details »

20538 Perform descender based rope rescue (level 4) View details »

20539 Perform specialist rope rescues (level 4) View details »

20537 Provide initial response at rope rescue incidents (level 4) View details »


12355 Describe strategies for managing stress (level 2) View details »

Urban Search and Rescue - Operations

18516 Demonstrate knowledge of, and provide support at, urban search and rescue operations (level 3) View details »

Workplace Emergency Risk Management

16945 Analyse the fundamentals of human behaviour in fire conditions (level 4) View details »

29554 Apply operational knowledge of New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System (level 4) View details »

16804 Conduct non-technical workplace audits on emergency equipment and systems (level 4) View details »

16809 Coordinate workplace emergency protection activities (level 4) View details »

32158 Demonstrate basic knowledge of New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System (level 3) View details »

29553 Demonstrate operational knowledge of New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System functions and structure (level 4) View details »

16805 Manage workplace emergency prevention processes (level 4) View details »

16798 Take preventative measures against emergencies in the workplace (level 2) View details »


3490 Complete an incident report (level 1) View details »