Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Koru Institute Training Education (Blenheim)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Domain consents to assess

Advertising (to level 3)

Computer Support (to level 4)

Digital Technologies (to level 1)

English Oral Language (to level 4)

English Visual Language (to level 4)

English Written Language (to level 4)

Environmental Tourism M?ori (to level 4)

Financial Capability (to level 3)

Generic Computing (to level 4)

Generic Marketing (to level 3)

Hauora (to level 4)

Interpersonal Communications (to level 4)

K?rero (to level 4)

Legal Studies (to level 3)

M?ori Environmental Practices (to level 4)

M?ori Management - Generic (to level 4)

M?ori Office Systems (to level 3)

Occupational Health and Safety Practice (to level 2)

P?nui (to level 4)

People Development and Coordination (to level 3)

Quality Management (to level 3)

Reading (to level 2)

Retail and Distribution Core Skills (to level 2)

Sales Transactions (to level 2)

Self-Management (to level 2)

Social and Cooperative Skills (to level 4)

Sociology (to level 4)

Software Development - Programming (to level 3)

Stock Control (to level 2)

Systems and Resources Management (to level 3)

Te Aho Wahine (to level 4)

Text and Information Management - Generic (to level 4)

Tikanga Concepts (to level 4)

Tikanga Practices (to level 4)

Tourism M?ori Practices (to level 4)

Tuhituhi (to level 4)

Whakarongo (to level 4)

Wh?nau Ora (to level 3)

Work and Study Skills (to level 4)

Writing (to level 2)

Standard consents to assess

Tikanga Issues

16064 Describe racism and its relationship to legislation and how it discriminates against M?ori (level 4) View details »

16045 Describe the colonisation of M?ori (level 4) View details »

16063 Describe the effects of colonisation on different ethnic groups (level 4) View details »

16061 Describe the historical context and political position of an indigenous minority in their own country (level 4) View details »