Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Endeavour Education New Zealand Limited (Palmerston North)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Domain consents to assess

Standard consents to assess

Automotive Administration

21673 Demonstrate knowledge of maintaining stock security in the motor and related industries (level 4) View details »

22789 Demonstrate knowledge of warranties and guarantees that apply to the automotive industry (level 4) View details »

Automotive Electrical and Electronics

31062 Demonstrate knowledge of automotive body electrical and electronic systems (level 4) View details »

5462 Demonstrate knowledge of automotive electronic ignition system operation (level 4) View details »

31066 Demonstrate knowledge of electronically controlled steering and suspension systems, and system fault diagnosis (level 4) View details »

31056 Demonstrate knowledge of engine management system fault diagnosis (level 4) View details »

24124 Demonstrate knowledge of vehicle powertrain electronic control systems, and testing and rectifying faults (level 4) View details »

Automotive Fuel Systems and Exhaust

24195 Demonstrate knowledge of diesel fuel injectors (level 4) View details »

31391 Test and repair diesel fuel injectors (level 4) View details »

Automotive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

30565 Demonstrate knowledge of an automotive air conditioning system (level 3) View details »

Automotive Hydraulics

31276 Demonstrate knowledge of heavy vehicle and machine hydraulic systems (level 4) View details »

Automotive Transmission Systems

919 Demonstrate knowledge of light vehicle automatic transmission components and fault diagnosis procedures (level 4) View details »

31277 Demonstrate knowledge of machine hydrostatic drive systems (level 4) View details »

31227 Describe heavy vehicle and machine transmissions and diagnosis (level 4) View details »

31051 Replace an automotive clutch assembly (level 4) View details »

Automotive Workshop Engineering

5743 Demonstrate knowledge of metals used on vehicles, and the effect of applying heat to metals (level 4) View details »

Business Information Processing

101 Develop and use keyboarding skills to enter text (level 1) View details »

32000 Enter prescribed text accurately using basic keyboarding skills and identify safe ergonomic practices (level 1) View details »


24271 Demonstrate knowledge of diagnosing vehicle or machine cooling system faults and their causes (level 4) View details »

31437 Diagnose and repair faults in a motorcycle engine (level 4) View details »

31125 Diagnose and repair vehicle or machine cooling system faults (level 4) View details »

30886 Diagnose the mechanical condition of an engine (level 4) View details »

11729 Inspect and machine engine piston and connecting rod assemblies (level 4) View details »

30888 Remove, inspect and refit a cylinder head (level 4) View details »

Interpersonal Communications

3503 Communicate in a team or group to complete a routine task (level 1) View details »

3501 Demonstrate knowledge of and apply listening techniques (level 1) View details »

Motor Industry - Introductory Skills

3856 Identify emergency procedures in the motor and related industries (level 3) View details »

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements (level 1) View details »


2989 Select, read, and assess texts on a topic (level 2) View details »

Sales Transactions

28295 Demonstrate knowledge of serving customers in a retail environment (level 2) View details »


7123 Apply a problem-solving method (level 2) View details »

12349 Demonstrate knowledge of time management (level 2) View details »

Service Delivery

57 Provide customer service (level 2) View details »

Vehicle Bodywork

22799 Demonstrate safety precautions on vehicles fitted with air bags and seatbelt pre-tensioners (level 3) View details »

22800 Describe safe working practices and precautions on vehicles equipped with air bags and seatbelt pre-tensioners (level 4) View details »

912 Remove, repair, and replace vehicle body interior components (level 3) View details »

Vehicle Braking Systems

31063 Demonstrate knowledge of hydraulic brake system fault diagnosis (level 4) View details »

Vehicle Steering and Suspension

31231 Describe heavy vehicle and machine steering and suspension systems, and system diagnosis (level 4) View details »

24442 Remove and replace motorcycle steering and suspension components (level 4) View details »

Work and Study Skills

26625 Actively participate in spoken interactions (level 1) View details »

26626 Interpret statistical information for a purpose (level 1) View details »

7118 Manage own learning in a programme (level 2) View details »

64 Perform calculations for a specified workplace (level 1) View details »

26624 Read texts with understanding (level 1) View details »

56 Respond orally to customer enquiries (level 1) View details »

26627 Use measurement to solve problems (level 1) View details »

26623 Use number to solve problems (level 1) View details »

26622 Write to communicate ideas for a purpose and audience (level 1) View details »