Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Kokiri Marae Keriana Olsen Trust (Lower Hutt)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Sub-field consents to assess

M?ori Performing Arts (to level 2)

Reo M?ori (to level 2)

Tikanga (to level 2)

Domain consents to assess

Barbering (to level 2)

Business Administration Services (to level 3)

Business Information Processing (to level 3)

Digital Technologies (to level 1)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (to level 3)

English Language (to level 3)

Financial Capability (to level 3)

Generic Computing (to level 3)

Hairdressing (to level 2)

Interpersonal Communications (to level 4)

Introductory Communication Skills (to level 3)

M?ori Performance (to level 4)

Personal Financial Management (to level 3)

P?taiao (to level 2)

P?taiao (to level 2)

Raranga (to level 2)

Reading (to level 1)

Salon Skills (to level 2)

Self-Management (to level 2)

Social and Cooperative Skills (to level 2)

Te Ao Haka (to level 4)

Text and Information Management - Generic (to level 2)

Tikanga ?-Iwi (to level 2)

Tikanga-?-Iwi (to level 2)

Work and Study Skills (to level 2)

Writing (to level 1)

Standard consents to assess


10645 Describe the development of barbering (level 3) View details »

19808 Select and maintain barbering tools and equipment (level 3) View details »

Business Administration Services

21866 Demonstrate and apply knowledge to provide medical administration services (level 4) View details »

21867 Process medical records and related information using a computerised patient database (level 4) View details »

Civil Defence Operation

528 Demonstrate survival techniques for a Civil Defence emergency (level 2) View details »

Computer Support

29798 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate a range of common hardware and software problems (level 3) View details »

29784 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate simple or routine computing and connectivity problems (level 2) View details »

English Language

30999 Read and understand moderately complex texts (EL) (level 4) View details »

English Written Language

90854 Form personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence (level 1) View details »

90853 Use information literacy skills to form conclusion(s) (level 1) View details »

First Aid

6400 Manage first aid in an emergency situation (level 3) View details »

6402 Provide basic life support (level 1) View details »

6401 Provide first aid (level 2) View details »

25459 Provide first aid for young children (level 2) View details »

Fitness Education

505 Manage personal physical fitness with guidance (level 1) View details »

Furniture and Cabinet Making

2216 Interpret and confirm furniture job specifications (level 2) View details »

2199 Prepare, use and maintain hand tools for furniture making (level 2) View details »

Furniture Finishing

25523 Apply stains to furniture surfaces using conventional spray methods (level 3) View details »

25524 Apply stains to furniture surfaces using wiping methods (level 3) View details »

2206 Demonstrate knowledge of safety requirements and safely handle hazardous substances used in furniture finishing (level 2) View details »

3152 Prepare wooden furniture surfaces and apply grain filler (level 2) View details »

17740 Rectify faults in furniture surfaces for furniture finishing (level 2) View details »

Governance of M?ori Authorities

16070 Explain the work of the M?ori Land Court (level 3) View details »


2870 Blow dry hair into elementary styles (level 3) View details »

25792 Dress long hair into elementary styles (level 3) View details »

25078 Fingerwave hair (level 3) View details »

25790 Select, maintain, and demonstrate safe handling of hairdressing equipment and hand-held tools (level 3) View details »

2871 Set short hair for volume (level 3) View details »

2866 Shampoo hair and scalp (level 3) View details »


16063 Compare and contrast the effects of colonisation on different ethnic groups (level 4) View details »

15986 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga in relation to rongo? r?kau (level 2) View details »

16064 Describe racism and its relationship to legislation and how it discriminates against M?ori (level 4) View details »

16045 Describe the colonisation of M?ori (level 4) View details »

16061 Describe the historical context and political position of an indigenous minority in their own country (level 4) View details »

Health Education

91236 Evaluate factors that influence people's ability to manage change (level 2) View details »

Hospitality - Foundation Skills

15921 Prepare and cook a cake, a sponge and a batch of scones in the hospitality industry (level 1) View details »

Interpersonal Communications

9678 Conduct a formal meeting (level 5) View details »

Manaaki Marae - Takat? Kai

27509 Describe manaaki in terms of the interactions between the tangata whenua and manuhiri in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

21232 Describe the roles and responsibilities of ringawera in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

27510 Identify customary kai M?ori and describe its gathering process (level 2) View details »

31287 Prepare and provide kai service, as part of a team and under supervision, for manuhiri (level 2) View details »

21253 Prepare and serve beverages in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

21248 Prepare, maintain and clear a buffet in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

Manaaki Marae - Wh?ngai Manuhiri

29567 Prepare equipment and cook kai in an oven to present for manuhiri (level 2) View details »

29569 Prepare equipment and cook kai with liquid to present for manuhiri (level 2) View details »

29568 Prepare equipment and fry kai to present for manuhiri (level 2) View details »

29566 Prepare fruit and vegetables to present for manuhiri (level 2) View details »

M?ori Environmental Practices

15990 Demonstrate knowledge of a native bird and its significance to M?ori (level 1) View details »

15983 Demonstrate knowledge of kai preservation (level 1) View details »

15985 Demonstrate knowledge of the use of r?kau M?ori (level 1) View details »

15988 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga for the preparation of mahinga kai (level 1) View details »

15991 Explain the importance of one native insect to M?ori in a local context (level 1) View details »

15987 Explain tikanga M?ori for the use of r?kau M?ori in clothing, whare, waka and implements (level 2) View details »

15976 Identify and explain te taiao occurrences in a local context using p?r?kau and waiata (level 1) View details »

M?ori Management - Generic

23091 Communicate in the workplace using conversational te reo M?ori and waiata (level 2) View details »

16073 Explain consumer rights from a M?ori perspective (level 2) View details »

M?ori Office Systems

2896 Plan and implement hui, and record hui outcomes (level 3) View details »

2895 Produce written communications which incorporate te reo M?ori (level 3) View details »

New M?ori Dance

22760 Perform new M?ori dance (level 3) View details »

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements (level 1) View details »

Project Management

21336 Lead a team to achieve a project outcome (level 5) View details »

30362 Lead aspects of a project(s) under broad guidance (level 4) View details »


7870 Harvest and prepare kiekie for kete whakairo (level 3) View details »

7871 Harvest and prepare p?ngao for kete whakairo (level 3) View details »


25073 Read texts to recognise differing points of view on a topic (level 2) View details »

2989 Select, read, and assess texts on a topic (level 2) View details »

Sales Transactions

11831 Apply skills and qualities of a salesperson in a retail or distribution environment (level 3) View details »

28295 Demonstrate knowledge of serving customers in a retail environment (level 2) View details »

Salon Skills

25794 Select and recommend hair products (level 3) View details »


9696 Apply a problem-solving model (level 4) View details »

548 Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of alcohol and other drugs (level 1) View details »

9695 Examine problem-solving models and explain associated techniques (level 3) View details »

7127 Exercise informed choice in deciding on a major goods or service purchase (level 3) View details »

496 Produce, implement, and reflect on a plan to improve own personal wellbeing (level 1) View details »

Service Delivery

62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact (level 2) View details »

57 Provide customer service (level 2) View details »

Social and Cooperative Skills

12356 Demonstrate knowledge of consumer problems and ways to resolve them (level 3) View details »


30061 Present own taonga M?ori for display at exhibition (level 2) View details »

Te Aho Wahine

16056 Describe the changing roles for M?ori women throughout history (level 3) View details »

Te Ara Nunumi - ?-Mahara

23641 Describe hahunga t?p?paku in a customary and contemporary context, and in accordance with tikanga (level 2) View details »

23640 Explain the tikanga practised by the hauk?inga and the wh?nau pani in relation to hura k?hatu in a contemporary context (level 2) View details »

Te M?tauranga M?ori Wh?nui

16049 Compare the English and M?ori versions of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 3) View details »

16030 Describe M?ori approaches to historical research (level 2) View details »

16048 Describe the development and introduction of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 2) View details »

16047 Describe the history of He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga/ Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand (level 2) View details »

16050 Explain the historical impact of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 3) View details »

30074 Explain the Treaty of Waitangi and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in legislation today (level 4) View details »

Te Whakamahi Whenua

15996 Analyse the issue of cultural property in relation to the patenting of kumara and ti kouka (level 4) View details »

19535 Demonstrate knowledge of a native freshwater fish and a shellfish species and its significance to M?ori (level 1) View details »

19531 Demonstrate knowledge of a native marine fish and a native marine shellfish species and its significance to M?ori (level 1) View details »

15974 Demonstrate knowledge of M?ori temperature control systems for crop storage and ng? whare M?ori (level 3) View details »

15994 Demonstrate knowledge of native freshwater and native marine plant species used for kai (level 2) View details »

15980 Demonstrate knowledge of te wh?nau marama (level 2) View details »

15982 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga M?ori for r?kau M?ori used for kai (level 2) View details »

15975 Demonstrate knowledge of traditional M?ori ways of managing insect pests and plant diseases (level 2) View details »

25476 Explain crop storage practices in accordance with tikanga and crop requirements (level 2) View details »

15992 Explain harvesting and processing of native freshwater and native marine fish or shellfish species for kai (level 2) View details »

Te Whakamau Whenua

16074 Analyse the economic impact of M?ori resource claims (level 4) View details »

16068 Explain the work of the Waitangi Tribunal (level 3) View details »

Tikanga Concepts

16032 Examine the use of M?ori modes in transmitting M?ori history (level 3) View details »

16034 Explain M?ori and P?keh? perspectives of history (level 3) View details »

16041 Explain the place of p?r?kau or pakiwaitara in M?ori history (level 3) View details »

16042 Explain whakapapa in relation to M?ori history (level 3) View details »

Tikanga Issues

16059 Demonstrate knowledge of the history of M?ori in politics (level 3) View details »

16053 Describe key historical events for one hap? or iwi post-P?keh? contact (level 3) View details »

16052 Describe the dispossession of M?ori land and its effects (level 3) View details »

Tikanga Practices

16057 Describe the history of spiritual beliefs and practices of M?ori (level 3) View details »

Work and Study Skills

64 Perform calculations for a specified workplace (level 1) View details »

56 Respond orally to customer enquiries (level 1) View details »


24871 Complete complex forms (level 2) View details »

3492 Write a short report (level 2) View details »