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Student Fee Protection Rules 2022

3. Interpretation

1. In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires:

Act means the Education and Training Act 2020

Agent means a person to whom section 355(1) of the Act applies, regardless of whether or not that person has been appointed by the Student

Alternative Provider means a university, Te Pūkenga—New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, a wānanga, or a registered private training establishment

Approved Independent Trustee means an independent trustee as defined in section 10(1) of the Act where that trustee has no conflict of interest in carrying out the role of trustee for the Provider and is approved by NZQA under rule 11.1; and includes firms of accountants and lawyers acting through an accountant or lawyer who is an independent trustee of that kind

Compliant, in relation to a Provider or Agent and a Mechanism, means the Provider or Agent and Mechanism meet the requirements specified in the Act and these Rules

Conditions Dependent Course means a Course, or part of it, that is dependent on weather or water conditions, or that involves self-paced learning

Course means a programme or micro-credential that is not Exempt

Course Closure Event means:

(a)   the provider is no longer delivering or capable of delivering the Course for which Students are Enrolled;
(b)   any regulatory closure of the Provider;
(c)   insolvency of the Provider;
(d)   the Provider ceases to operate or loses its body corporate status;
(e)   any cancellation by NZQA of the Provider’s registration;
(f)   any withdrawal by NZQA of the Provider’s accreditation to provide a programme;
(g)   any withdrawal by NZQA of the Provider’s micro-credential accreditation; or
(h)   the Provider is removed as a signatory provider under section 531A or 535 of the Act

Enrolled means (and Enrol, Enrolling, and Enrolment have corresponding meanings):

(a)   the Student has accepted an offer from the Provider of entry into a Course at the Provider, and the Provider has received that acceptance; or
(b)   the Student is recorded by the Provider as enrolled with the provider or in a Course of the Provider

Exempt means a programme or micro-credential exempt from the requirements of section 356(1) by section 356(5)(a) and rules made under section 452(1)(u) of the Act

Mechanism means any of the Student Fee Protection Mechanisms (including their requirements) detailed in Appendix B

NZQA means the New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Pro Rata Refund means a refund of Student Fees paid by the student for which services or goods have not been provided to the Student, with the Tuition Fees component of the refund being calculated in accordance with Appendix C

Provider means a private training establishment as defined in section 10(1) of the Act

Refund Period means, in relation to -

(a)   international Students on a Course of three months’ duration or more, the refund period referred to in section 529(4) of the Act:
(b)   international or domestic Students on a Course of less than three months’ duration, the refund period specified by NZQA for the purposes of sections 357(3) and 529(1)(c) of the Act:
(c)   domestic Students on a Course of three months duration or more has the same meaning as refund period in section 10(1) of the Act

Student means any domestic student or international student

Student Fees means any and all funds of the following kinds that are paid by or on behalf of a Student in respect of a Course:
(a)   Tuition Fees:
(b)   accommodation expenses, travel and health insurance, and living expenses:
(c)   any other financial commitments associated with the Course

Supplier means a supplier of a Mechanism approved under rule 11, and for the avoidance of doubt includes Approved Independent Trustees

Te Pūkenga—New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology means the institute continued by section 314 of the Act, and includes any of its subsidiaries that provide education or training or both

Tuition Fees means the gross payment relating to all costs of a Course (for the avoidance of doubt including commissions, Course expenses, and other financial payments related to the Course) paid by or on behalf of a Student

2. Other terms used in these Rules that are defined in the Act are: accreditation; private training establishment; programme; micro-credential; university; wānanga; domestic student; international student. 

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