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Early Childhood: Educational Theory and Practice
Level 2
29852 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of the basic needs and nutrition that support young children's holistic wellbeing and development
4 Credits
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Version 1
This unit standard and unit standard 29866 replaced unit standard 10021 and unit standard 26712.
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People credited with this unit standard are able to: describe the basic needs of young children; and demonstrate knowledge of age-related food requirements relevant to healthy eating for young children. This unit standard has been developed primarily for assessment within programmes leading to the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Learning and Care (Level 2) [Ref: 2848]. This unit standard is an introduction to early childhood learning and life skills. It is designed for people who care for young children in parenting roles, or as support for carers of infants, toddlers and/or young children in a supervised environment.
Consent & Moderation Requirements: CMR 135



Standard-setting body: NZQA National Qualifications Services

Data as at 30 October 2020