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Changes to external assessment resources available on NZQA?s website

You may notice that we are removing some older external assessment resources that used to be available on our website. Find out more

Important notice regarding Level 1 external assessment pilot material on the NZQA website

Level 1 pilot external assessment material will be available on the NZQA website by the first week of December 2023. This material was created for the 2023 pilot as part of the Review of Achievement Standards (RAS) and is based on now-expired versions of achievement standards. It should be used with caution as it may not accurately reflect the content and practice of external assessments developed for 2024 onwards, which are based on the latest versions of the Achievement Standards.

The new Level 1 Achievement Standards will be available from 12 December 2023.

Read more about resources produced for the 2023 pilot

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