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Changes to external assessment resources available on NZQA?s website and school portal

Assessment evolves over time, and NZQA is committed to maintaining the accuracy of the materials it publishes to align with current practice. As part of this commitment, only the last 3 years of external assessment resources will be made available on NZQA's website.

This decision was made in response to an external review of NZQA's provision of annotated exemplars of student work, which recommended that external assessment exemplars be kept online for no more than 3 years. This recommendation has been expanded to include all external assessment resources, including past examination papers, assessment schedules, and assessment reports.

Read the review report [PDF, 437 KB]

New date for removal of resources

We had advised that the older external assessment resources would be removed by the end of September 2023, but as a result of feedback received, these will remain on our website until 1 December 2023 to give users the opportunity to download what they need before they are removed. 2017-2019 resources that had already been removed will shortly be made available again on the website until this date.


Exemplars for past examination papers are not currently published on an annual basis. As a result, from December 2023, we will keep the most recent 3 sets of exemplars published, which may be more than 3 years old. Each set will include the assessment schedule and examination paper for the exemplar.

Going forward, we will be updating our external assessment exemplars to more recent content.

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