National secondary examinations timetable

Mathematics Common Assessment Task (MCAT)

check the NCEA & Scholarship timetable on your smartphone at:  http://timetable.

In 2018, dates for MCAT are Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 September. Guidelines for administration for the MCAT will be published on the Mathematics subject page and communicated by circular.


ALL NCEA (levels 1–3) and New Zealand Scholarship examination sessions are three hours.

All exam sessions start at either 9.30 am or 2.00 pm.

Examination timetable 2018

Download the 2018 examination timetable (PDF, 60KB).

Date / TimeNCEA Level 1NCEA Level 2NCEA Level 3Scholarship
Wed 7 Nov 9.30 am Social Studies Dance Art History Earth & Space Science
  2.00 pm   French   Drama
Thurs 8 Nov 9.30 am Media Studies Earth & Space Science Drama Chemistry
  2.00 pm Sāmoan / Spanish Japanese Te Reo Rangatira /
Social Studies / Psychology
Fri 9 Nov 9.30 am   Physics Business Studies Calculus
2.00 pm Geography German Dance Agricultural & Horticultural Science
Mon 12 Nov 9.30 am English      
2.00 pm   Media Studies Home Economics Statistics
Tues 13 Nov 9.30 am French Business Studies Calculus English
2.00 pm Economics   Accounting Media Studies
Wed 14 Nov 9.30 am   Mathematics & Statistics   Classical Studies
2.00 pm Music Accounting History French
Thurs 15 Nov 9.30 am Science   Making Music History
2.00 pm Chemistry Geography Chemistry Te Reo Rangatira
Canterbury Anniversary Day
Mon 19 Nov 9.30 am   English    
2.00 pm History Te Reo Māori Biology Economics
Tues 20 Nov 9.30 am Mathematics & Statistics     Biology
2.00 pm   Drama Physics Art History
Wed 21 Nov 9.30 am Japanese   English  
2.00 pm Home Economics Economics   Geography
Thurs 22 Nov 9.30 am Agricultural & Horticultural Science Art History Statistics  
2.00 pm Chinese Spanish / Health Earth & Space Science  
Fri 23 Nov 9.30 am German Biology Geography Physics
2.00 pm Physics Home Economics Classical Studies Japanese
Mon 26 Nov 9.30 am Drama Chemistry Music Studies Spanish
2.00 pm Health Sāmoan /
Education for Sustainability
Te Reo Māori / Latin Chinese
Tues 27 Nov 9.30 am Biology Music Media Studies Accounting
2.00 pm Business Studies Social Studies Agricultural & Horticultural Science /
German / Chinese
Wed 28 Nov 9.30 am Te Reo Rangatira / Latin Agricultural & Horticultural Science Sāmoan Te Reo Māori / Latin
2.00 pm   History Health Music
Thurs 29 Nov 9.30 am Accounting Te Reo Rangatira / Latin Japanese German
2.00 pm Dance Classical Studies Spanish  
Fri 30 Nov 9.30 am Te Reo Māori / Art History Chinese French  
2.00 pm Classical Studies   Economics  

Submission dates for portfolios and reports


DateNCEA Level 1NCEA Level 2NCEA Level 3Scholarship
Wed 24 Oct Visual Arts      
Wed 31 Oct   Visual Arts    
Wed 31 Oct Design and Visual Communication /
Design and Visual Communication /
Design and Visual Communication /
Education for Sustainability /
Dance /
Design and Visual Communication /
Physical Education /
Thurs 8 Nov     Visual Arts Visual Arts

Note: These are the deadlines for schools to submit materials to NZQA. Students should confirm dates for submission within their schools.

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