Accessing assessed digital and scanned paper exams online

Students will access their marked exams online

If you are a student sitting NCEA end of year exams in 2022 you will be able to logon in January 2023 and access your assessed digital or scanned paper exams online. New Zealand Scholarship results will be available in February 2023.

You can view your assessed answers online until the end of June each year. This includes any scanned blank paper answer books, but not blank digital ones. 

We won’t return your paper-based exam booklets in the mail.

What about portfolios physically submitted by students?

NZQA will continue to mark the following assessments by hand and return the materials to students in the mail:

  • Level 3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Arts portfolios. 

NZQA will continue to mark the following assessments by hand and return the material to schools by courier:

  • Design and Visual Communication portfolios

NZQA is bringing together paper and digital marking using the NCEA Online platform as an important step forward in our digital assessment journey.   

You must have a Student Login account to get access to your marked exams

You must create an NZQA Student Login account on the Login Options page, if you don't already have one. 

Your student login lets you access a lot of information. You’ll need it to:

  • complete your digital exam
  • access your results
  • access and print your School Results Summary and electronic NZ Record of Achievement
  • access your assessed NCEA and NZ Scholarships exams, whether they were completed digitally or on paper
  • download and print personalised Request Review applications form for NCEA/NZ Scholarship reviews
  • apply online for NCEA reconsideration
  • order documents like NCEA certificates and NZ Records of Achievement.

Key dates to note

Oct 2022 NZQA publishes 2022 Candidate Information Sheet
Late Nov-late Dec 2022 NCEA L3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Arts material returned to students by courier
Early Jan 2023 NCEA Results Release
Late Jan 2023  NCEA Design and Visual Communication folders returned to schools
24 Jan 2023  Students access their assessed NCEA exams using their student login
Early Feb 2023 NZ Scholarship Results Release
9 Feb 2023 Students access their assessed NZ Scholarship exams using their student login
Mid Feb 2023  NZ Scholarship Design and Visual Communication folders returned to schools
3 March 2023 Closing date for NCEA reviews and reconsiderations applications
9 Mar 2023 Closing date for NZ Scholarship reviews and reconsideration applications
30 Jun 2023 Access closes to assessed online NCEA and NZ Scholarship exams

Resources for schools and students

Check out the following information about publication of NCEA and NZ Scholarship results, return to candidate information, and applying for reviews and reconsideration.

For students

Quick links

Downloadable forms:

  • Request for NZ Scholarship and NCEA exam material to be returned to an overseas address application form (DOCX, 125KB).
  • Available using your Student Login:
    • NCEA and NZ Scholarship Request for Review application form
    • NCEA and NZ Scholarship Reconsideration Fee Waiver application form
    • NZ Scholarship monetary award application form

Important notes:

  • If you apply for a review or reconsideration, wait until the outcome before ordering your results and qualifications documents.
  • If you apply for a review or reconsideration to determine if you’ve gained University Entrance, let your chosen university know it could take up to six weeks for your updated results to become available.

For schools

Quick links

What are the benefits for students of accessing assessed exams online?

You will be able to:

  • view all your assessed exams sooner, and in one place
  • have a copy of the assessed booklet you can share with your teacher
  • access faster and more efficient review and reconsiderations processing, with NZQA holding a digital copy of your answer booklets
  • have greater confidence that your papers won't get lost, compared with when marked papers are physically returned in the post
  • have digital access to your answers anytime, anywhere (until 30 June).

Further support and information

  • Call our Contact Centre on 0800 697 296 if you have general questions.
  • Email our data records team at with queries about results.
  • Email our Psychometric, Reporting and Statistics team at for information about the Grade Point Average and overseas admissions.
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