Reviews and reconsiderations

Candidates may apply for a review or reconsideration of their results for externally assessed NCEA standards and New Zealand Scholarship subjects. This page includes information on how to apply for an NCEA reconsideration and review for all subjects and levels excluding New Zealand Scholarship and Visual Arts.

For more information about New Zealand Scholarship and Visual Arts reconsiderations and reviews see Related Links at the bottom of this page.

Apply for an NCEA review or reconsideration

After looking closely at your answer booklets or portfolios when they have been returned in late January, you may want to apply for a review or reconsideration of your results.

Please note: Design and Visual Communication and Technology portfolios and folders are returned to the school. Portfolios for Level 3 and Scholarship Visual Arts are returned to candidates.

You must not have altered or added to your answer booklets or portfolios in any way. Answer booklets or portfolios that contain correcting fluid or pencil will not be eligible for review or reconsideration. They may be investigated as a breach of examination rules and some or all of your results may be cancelled.

NCEA Reviews

In a review all sections of a booklet or portfolio are checked to make sure they have been marked and results correctly recorded and transferred. A review does not involve re-marking.

There is no charge for a review.

NCEA Reconsiderations

If you think your answer booklet has not been assessed (or 'marked') correctly, you can apply for a reconsideration.

A reconsideration involves reassessing all answers in the answer booklet using the original assessment schedule, in other words, re-marking it. It also involves checking mechanical processes, like transferring grades.

NCEA reconsiderations cost $20.40 for each standard. The fee for Design and Visual Communication (DVC) and Technology portfolios is $20.40 for each external achievement standard, not each portfolio.

Fees for reconsiderations will be waived for students:

  • whose parent or guardian (or a person with relevant care responsibilities) is receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit; or
  • where the family income would entitle the family to receive a community services card .

Where the reconsideration leads to a change of final grade the fee is refunded.

Reconsiderations and reviews of digitally assessed or digitally submitted standards

If you completed any external assessment digitally, i.e. a digital examination or a digital submission, you do not need to send a copy of your submission with your review or reconsideration application.

If, however, your assessment was not undertaken or produced digitally, your paper submission must be sent to NZQA when you apply for a review or reconsideration.

How long does a review or reconsideration take?

A review or reconsideration may take up to six weeks to process. If the outcome of your application might affect University Entrance, please let your chosen university know it may take six weeks for any updated results to become available.

You can monitor the status of your reconsideration request using the My Orders link in the Learner Login main menu.

Related links

For information about New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations and reviews, such as the closing date for applications, costs and instructions on how to apply, see Scholarship Results Publication.

For details about Visual Arts reconsiderations for externally assessed level 3 and New Zealand Scholarship standards, see Visual Arts reconsiderations.

Refer to Assessment and Examination Rules for information regarding review and reconsideration rules and procedures.

Or click here for cut score information, which is available from late January.

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