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Dance - Level 2 Clarifications

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91205: Choreograph a group dance to communicate an intention

Updated May 2015. This document has been updated, but there are no new moderation issues.

This standard does not require each student in the group to contribute a separate section of movement. A collaborative process is allowed and encouraged. For assessment purposes, the finished product (the one minute dance) is the sole consideration for determining the final grade.

The dance work itself would need to communicate a clear intention, identified by the group, relating to the task brief. A statement of this intention needs to be included in the task brief and moderation materials. In most cases this process would result in all students in a group receiving the same grade (the grade given to the finished product - the dance).

However, if the teacher feels after observation of students, that a student did not contribute sufficiently to the collaboration process and therefore to the created dance work (if they were absent, for example) then a short observation comment explaining the difference in grade is all that is required for moderation.

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