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91877: Develop a proposal for a digital outcome

Updated December 2019. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

The proposal could include any digital technology outcome. This includes data management, digital media, programming, electronics and computer systems.

The word ‘scope’ is used in two different contexts in the standard. In Explanatory Note (EN) 2, the scope relates to the outcome statement. In EN3, ‘scope’ relates to the project.

The student needs to investigate the issue and/or problem, the needs of end users, and the environment in which the outcome will be used (the context).

The ‘proposal development process’ should allow the student to determine the proposed outcome, scope, the requirements and specifications, and the resources needed to create the outcome.

For Merit, students need to improve the proposal in such a way that there are clear links between the requirements, end users and resources needed. The improvement must be supported with feedback and research.

Successful evidence may show further consideration of the issue/problem, the purpose of the outcome, the context, and the end users’ needs. Such further consideration will either enhance the aesthetic and/or functional characteristics of the proposed outcome, maximise the use of the resources, and/or add details to the specifications of the proposed outcome.

For Excellence, students need to justify, with evidence, that the proposal meets the overall project requirements. There is no step-up in the nature or scope of the requirements; the step-up is in the justification of how the project meets the requirements. The justification required for Excellence needs to triangulate requirements (including specifications), end-user needs, and resources.

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