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91880: Develop a digital media outcome

Updated December 2019. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Students may use a range of digital media applications, as long as they are suitable for the end user and purpose.

Students need to describe the relevant implications as appropriate to the digital media, for example they might describe what copyright is in relation to their website. This will provide the student with an opportunity to inform the development of their digital media. There is a dedicated clarification that expands on what is meant by relevant implications.

‘Design elements’ may refer to colour, shape, space and other elements as required by the digital media outcome, the purpose and the end users.

Data integrity and testing should show that the media outcome functions as intended, and that the information presented is relevant for the purpose and end users.

The task needs to be of sufficient rigour for Level 1. For example, for a website, there would be an expectation that there is some form of navigation.

For Merit, the student will need to provide evidence of how the media outcome was improved using testing procedures. For example, this could be provided using annotated screenshots.

The student will need to show how the digital media outcome has addressed the relevant implications described earlier.

For Excellence, iterative improvement is required throughout the design, development and testing process. There is a dedicated clarification that expands on what is meant by iterative improvement.

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