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91882: Develop a computer system

Updated December 2019. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

This standard could include traditional personal computer development or could use microcomputers. Raspberry Pi or other similar devices may be suitable.

Students need to describe the relevant implications as appropriate to the computer system. For example, they might describe what sustainability and futureproofing are, in relation to their chosen computer system. This will provide the learner with an opportunity to inform the development of their computer system. There is a dedicated clarification that expands on what is meant by relevant implications.

Students need to include in their computer system evidence of hardware, software and peripherals.

If the assessor is providing components, the learner needs to have a range of options so that they can investigate and choose suitable components from those available.

For Achieved, students must troubleshoot and identify faults. The assessor may have to set up a system with faults in it. Example faults are provided in Explanatory Note 6.

For Merit, students will need to provide evidence (for example, annotated screenshots) of how the computer system was made more reliable by troubleshooting, debugging and diagnosis using testing procedures.

Students need to explain the basic purpose and function of the parts and components. This should include both hardware and software.

Students will need to show how the computer system has addressed the relevant implications described earlier.

For Excellence, accuracy will need to be a judgement made by the assessor. This will need to be documented. Students need to justify their choice of hardware and software.

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