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Relevant implications

Updated December 2019. This is a new document to address issues that have arisen from moderation.

 ‘Describe’ requires some documentation. For example, students might describe issues related to privacy when storing personal information in their database.

Typically, students should identify each implication, describe what it is as applicable to the outcome and what the outcome might need to include or do in order to meet the implication.

The relevant implications should be described in the early part of the design or development process so that the implications described may be used to inform the design/development of the outcome. This will provide students with a better opportunity to show they have addressed the implications for Merit.

‘Address’ may be evident from naturally occurring evidence, for example the use of ALT tags, or might be given in documentation. For example, students may indicate that they have chosen colours which make a website accessible for colour-blind end users.

Quality, rather than quantity, is important. Assessment should not be based on the number of implications, but on how well they have been described and on how effectively they have been addressed.

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