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90852: Explain significant connection(s) across texts using supporting evidence

Updated June 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Choosing a connection

Students need to select the specific connection themselves. Teachers may have chosen texts with some similarities, but students will refine the ideas to focus on a connection that interests them.

Approaches could include using a topic framework, such as ‘love’ or ‘war’, with class texts. Students will make their own connections which could include ideas such as: ‘the mental effects of war on soldiers’, ‘the absence of love in a parent/child relationship’, ‘man’s inhumanity to man’, ‘the triumph of the human spirit’.

Explaining the connection/s across texts

The connection can be explained for each text individually, or texts can be linked together or compared with each other. However, it is the explanation of the connection/s, supported by evidence, which is assessed. Students may make comparisons about the connections in the different texts, but they do not have to.

Some students do not meet the standard because they merely identify, rather than express ideas about the connection in each of the texts.

For example, a connection about bravery: “Ellie is very brave when she blows up the bridge. A quote about this is when she says that, ‘the biggest risk is to take no risk or to take crazy risks.’ This shows that they needed to be brave to take the risk to blow up the bridge. (Tomorrow When the War Began).”

Here, the student has identified an example of bravery in the text. To meet Achievement the student must also express ideas about the idea/concept of bravery itself. That is, the student needs to explain what they have learnt about the idea of bravery from evidence they have selected from texts.

Supporting evidence

The selected evidence must link to the connection addressed. Students must explain how the evidence they have selected expresses (Achievement) and develops (Merit and Excellence) understandings about the connection(s) being addressed. Supporting evidence is used to support the explanation of the connection/s, rather than summarising the text.

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