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91011: Conduct geographic research, with direction

Updated May 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to address issues that have arisen from moderation in 2013.

This achievement standard focuses on the development of geographic research skills. ‘Direction’ refers to assistance with the selection of a topic and aim, and appropriate field work procedures for collecting, recording and presenting data.

Research aim

The aim(s) for the research should be provided by the teacher. It must be clearly identified and stated by the student at the beginning of their research report. The collection of primary data from the field, and subsequent presentation and conclusions, must relate directly to the research aim(s).

Collection and presentation of data

A combination of techniques and skills (two or more) must be evident in the collection and presentation of data. For example, use of a digital weather station is considered to be one method of data collection, since it does not provide sufficient evidence of student data collection skills.

Presentation of data should follow geographic conventions, and include a map to demonstrate the spatial nature of the research. The step up in quality for this aspect is stated in Explanatory Note 2 of the standard.


Research findings are separate from the conclusions.  A geographic concept must be incorporated into the description of the findings. This aspect could be achieved by describing the findings from each instance of presented data.

From the findings, students draw a detailed conclusion which is related back to the aim(s) of the research.


The evaluation must focus on aspects of the researchprocess. It is not mandatory to give detailed descriptions of both strengths and weaknesses of the research process. There is no requirement in 91011 for students to suggest how the research could be improved.

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