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91084: Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts used in preservation and packaging techniques for product storage

Updated February 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Developing understandings

The understanding of basic concepts may be enhanced through students carrying out preservation and packaging processes (of, for example, fruit or vegetables). However, students must ensure that they are not merely describing the process they have carried out, but are also showing why particular processes were effective.

Focus product and environment

A specific product and a particular local environment (for example, a marae, a school camp, home, tramping) needs to be analysed to give an explanation of why a particular preservation and packaging technique was chosen. For example, a student might explain why they chose to dehydrate apples to preserve for an upcoming tramping trip.

Students at Excellence explore different products requiring diverse preservation and packaging techniques to address decay and storage requirements. This enables the required breadth and depth of the interactions to be shown. For example, bread in itself may not be adequate because of the limited packaging and preservation options available. The discussion could be strengthened by extending it to include flour-based products that may also include proteins, and other food groups that have differing preservation and packaging needs.

A local environment should be referred to when describing legal requirements for labelling. Making links to relevant regulations would support this description. For example, there are requirements for selling processed foods at road side stalls or farmers markets.

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