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91096: Make basic adaptations to a pattern to enable a design to fit a person or item

Updated December 2016. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

The pattern to be adapted

The pattern to be adapted (including the guide sheet) should be determined prior to the adaptation commencing.

Students should be establishing key measurements of the body or item to be fitted. This will enable (in the case of a body) the selection of a pattern size closest to the size required.

The choice of pattern to match the chosen design must be one that requires some adaptations to enable the student to adapt the pattern pieces and interpret and modify the pattern information. A toile or mock up would not be required for minor adjustments to a pattern.

The pattern itself must include at least three pieces.

Developing a construction plan

Often a commercial pattern can be used as a starting point, with the plan for the adaptations incorporated into it.

The adaptations

As well as producing a mock up or toile, there needs to be evidence to show how the construction plan was developed and used, and how the mock up was tested. If necessary, the adapted pattern will need to be refined to ensure it interprets the design and provides the correct fit for the body or item.

Evidence for this standard needs to be focused on the adaptations, and not just the construction. If students are adapting a block pattern, they should be sketching their final design and using this to test if the toile or mock up accurately reflects it.

Regular fitting of the toile or mock up will be required to ensure the final pattern matches the chosen design and fits the body or item.

Judging skillfulness and efficiency

Assessors are required to make judgements about the ways that the adaptations are made. Teacher attestation, annotations, and/or verification are ways for the assessor to confirm judgements around independence and accuracy (for Merit), and working in a manner that economises time, effort and materials (Excellence). These annotations could be derived from classroom observation and/or discussions with students. Further information is available in the implements clarification.

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