Consent to assess

Consent to assess certifies education organisations to assess unit or achievement standards and award credit for them.

Applications for Consent to Assess must comply with Consent to Assess against Standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards Rules 2011.

Consent to assess is granted to organisations that meet:

  • the requirements of provider registration
  • all the general and industry-specific requirements of the relevant Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR)
  • the moderation requirements of the standard-setting body responsible for the unit standards.

When can you apply for consent to assess?

If your organisation is already registered as a private training establishment (PTE) then you can apply for consent to assess.

If consent to assess is sought at the same time as PTE registration or programme approval and accreditation or training scheme approval, the consent to assess application must be submitted as a separate application. NZQA endeavours to process concurrent applications at the same time. However, PTE registration must be approved before finalising any other application approvals.

Approval of applications

NZQA makes the final decision to approve the application and grant consent for some or all of the scope of consent to assess that is sought.

The decision is based on all available information, the requirements of the relevant CMR, and the support of the standard-setting body and whether the provider meets all requirements of the Guidelines for applying for consent to assess standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (PDF, 330KB).

Decline of application

A consent to assess application may be declined if the criteria are not met after NZQA evaluation. An application may also be declined if support is not forthcoming from the appropriate standard-setting body.

How much does consent to assess cost?

NZQA evaluation of a consent to assess application costs $190 per hour (GST exclusive).

The hourly charge rate for consent to assess applications includes the cost of travel and accommodation by NZQA staff.

The full cost of an consent to assess application depends on several factors. These include the extent of standard-setting body involvement, the scope of consent to assess applied for and whether the application is an initial application or an extension to existing consent to assess.

Application process

The process to apply for consent to assess is outlined below:

  1. The applicant plans the application and becomes informed
  2. The applicant establishes the desired scope for consent to assess
  3. The applicant checks the CMR requirements
  4. The applicant responds to the general and industry-specific criteria in the CMR
  5. The applicant checks the level of standard-setting body involvement
  6. The applicant gains transitional ITO support (if applicable)
  7. The applicant submits the application
  8. NZQA receives documentation and starts the evaluation process
  9. NZQA conducts site visit (if required)
  10. NZQA decides and notifies the applicant of the outcome
  11. NZQA publishes the outcome

Guidelines for the applicant

Establish the scope of consent to assess required

The scope should align with the organisation's overall strategic direction and delivery intentions. The scope can cover individual unit or achievement standards and domains.

Check the requirements of the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR)

The CMR sets out specific requirements for the involvement of industry training organisations (ITOs) and/or NZQA, and details of external moderation. Ensure that all requirements are met before applying.

Check the level of standard-setting body involvement

Generally, applications for level 1 and 2 standards require evaluation of documentation by either NZQA or NZQA and the relevant industry. Level 3 standards and above usually require evaluation of documentation and visits by NZQA and industry representatives. Some applications also require evaluation and visits by teaching specialists.

Contact the relevant ITO

Contact the ITO that acts as the relevant standard-setting body and obtain its support for the application. This support must be in writing. If the ITO supports the waiver of an industry visit, the waiver and the rationale must be included in the letter. NZQA will not consider any application that does not include the required ITO support.

Compile the application and submit it

Complete all details for the online application and check that the required documentation is uploaded.

See Apply for consent to assess.

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