Change to trading name

As part of maintaining registration, a private training establishment (PTE) must notify us of any changes to trading name(s).

Please note that the Companies Act 1993 requires companies to clearly state their legal name in all documentation.

NZQA expects that a PTE will ensure that its registered PTE name (not just its trading name) is transparent in all its documentation, e.g.:

  • website
  • brochures
  • manuals
  • offers of place
  • student handbook
  • employment agreements.

The registered PTE name is as it appears on the Companies Register.

Guidance on the PTE's trading name

Under section 390 of the Education and Training Act 2020, you cannot use any of these terms in a PTE trading name:

  • ‘university’
  • ‘polytechnic’
  • ‘institute of technology’.

Your chosen trading name should not be the same as another organisation. The trading name should not be so similar that the PTE is likely to be mistaken for another organisation.

NZQA may point out similarities but does not approve or regulate the trading names of PTEs.

How to notify us of a change to trading name

We can only accept a notification from a current governing member of your PTE.

The notification must include details of the trading name change, including any changes to website or staff email addresses.

To notify us, email Client Services.

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