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Registration of a new Private Training Establishment

NZQA considers whether to grant registration as a private training establishment (PTE) under sections 232D-236 of the Education Act 1989 and the Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2018.

NZQA needs to be certain that a PTE's governance and management will be undertaken with integrity, and that they support the provision of high quality education and a sound and stable learning environment.

Guidelines for PTE registration

The Guidelines for PTE Registration (PDF, 1MB) outline what NZQA considers when evaluating applications for registration, and what evidence the PTE needs to provide in an application.

The guidelines provide PTEs with a single document that integrates guidance to:

  • the requirements for registration outlined in Part 18 of the Education Act 1989
  • the Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2013
  • further statutory requirements and NZQA rules applying to PTEs.

Applying for PTE registration

Before submitting an application for PTE registration, it is important to check the requirements in the Guidelines for PTE Registration and the Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2018.

Supporting information

The application must be accompanied with sufficient and relevant supporting information and/or documents. This allows NZQA to make a robust and informed decision.

The application will be reviewed when it is received to ensure all the relevant documents are included.

If key documents are missing or incomplete, NZQA will ask the applicant to resubmit the information within an agreed timeframe.

If the information is not received within a reasonable timeframe, NZQA can close the application and all documents will be returned to the applicant.

The application process

The application for registration must be made by the applicant's governing body.

  1. Compile an application for registration that meets the Guidelines for PTE Registration.
  2. Complete the application form (DOC, 212KB) for PTE registration.
  3. Complete the Statutory declaration as a fit and proper person and of conflicts of interests form (DOCX, 848KB) for each proposed governing member.
  4. Submit your application to NZQA with the signed application and statutory declaration form in hard copy and any supporting documents in hard or electronic format.

If you have questions about this process contact Client Services.

NZQA analysis of the application

NZQA decides whether or not to grant an application for registration on a case-by-case basis. This involves a thorough analysis of the application to determine whether it satisfies, or will satisfy, the applicable criteria and statutory requirements.

NZQA sets a timeframe of six months to complete the analysis and, if successful, the registration process.

NZQA will keep the applicant informed as the application moves through the analysis process detailed below.

Process for PTE registration

Diagram showing the process for Private Training Establishment registration.

How much does an application for registration cost?

NZQA may ask for a $750 (GST inclusive) deposit when the application is submitted.

NZQA charges $190 per hour (plus GST) for analysis of an application, plus travel and other expenses for the registration site visit.

Please note, the above charges will apply whether your application for registration is accepted or declined.

Following registration, there are ongoing costs such as the Annual Registration Fee and charges for quality assurance services, including analysis of applications, external evaluation and review, and credit reporting fees.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information, contact the Client Services team.

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