Long-term illness, ongoing conditions or trauma

Derived grades are for temporary illness at the time of the exams. Any illness or chronic condition or trauma being present and/or managed that has been affecting a candidate prior to 1 October is regarded as ongoing and does not meet the eligibility criteria.

For candidates suffering from an on-going illness, condition or trauma the primary focus should be on providing the best possible conditions for them to get well or recover. This could involve:

  • reducing external assessment pressure by modifying a candidate’s assessment programme to include a limited number of externally assessed standards
  • providing a candidate, whose illness compromises their attendance, with an individualised internal assessment programme to support them to meet their qualification goal.

Candidates with a long-term illness or disability can only be approved if there is a documented current and significant change to their condition/illness. The change must occur immediately (within a week) prior to the examinations or during the examinations. The change must be documented by a consultation with a registered professional at the time of the examinations.

Examples of long-term and ongoing illnesses and conditions include:

  • concussion symptoms
  • physical disability
  • anxiety and depression
  • epilepsy
  • anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders
  • chronic relapsing conditions (e.g., glandular fever, Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME))
  • ongoing personal trauma.

These conditions are usually managed by modifying a candidate’s assessment programme to support them to get well and/or requesting  special assessment conditions to mitigate the effect of the condition. A candidate with a special assessment condition entitlement to mitigate a condition cannot also be granted a derived grade for the same condition.

Candidates suffering from long-term or recurring condition must be made aware that:

  • they may not meet the derived grade eligibility criteria
  • their results may be affected because the ongoing effects of their condition have compromised their performance throughout the year.
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