Security requirements

Because derived grade applications are of a sensitive nature and may contain personal and confidential information including medical and police in-confidence, they require additional access controls and handling requirements.

Therefore, access to the derived grade application is restricted only to those people who have authorisation to handle these in NZQA’s high security area.

Users are also reminded of the following security requirements:

  • take all reasonable steps to prevent the misuse of or unauthorised access to their computer system or derived grade application material
  • ensure their computer system has appropriate anti-virus software installed
  • do not use publicly shared computers such as those located in internet cafes
  • do not reveal or share ESL user name or passwords to any other person
  • a legitimate ESL or NZQA Administrator will never ask for a user’s password
  • ESL passwords must not be written on sticky notes, desk pads, etc or stored in a file on their computer.

User access to derived grades is to be removed when no longer required/their role is finished.

User Violation

The ESL (Education Sector Login) and NZQA Administrators reserve the right to monitor IT resources, including individual login sessions particularly where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a user is abusing their ESL login and/or NZQA derived grade application resources.

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