Preparing for an MNA review

The MNA review includes a visit to the school to gather evidence about the effectiveness of the school’s assessment for national qualifications.

Arrangements for the visit

To plan for the visit the Principal’s Nominee:

  • completes a pre-review template (PDF, 160KB)
  • selects teachers in the learning areas/departments to be interviewed by the School Relationship Manager
  • brief staff and students about the evidence sought, including possible questions that may be asked (PDF, 268KB)
  • prepares a meeting schedule
  • sends the School Relationship Manager a copy of the meeting schedule, the completed pre-review template and the school guidelines for teachers and students on assessment policy and practice.

Evidence of assessment systems

Documentary evidence for the visit might include:

  • whole school documentation such as:
    • assessment policy and procedures
    • external and internal moderation record keeping and monitoring
    • data management procedures
    • achievement data analysis and evaluation
    • school review processes and findings.
  • department documentation such as:
    • course outlines and/or assessment statements provided to students
    • evidence of the processes used to quality assure internal assessment, and student entry and results data
    • external moderation reports from the previous year and evidence of follow-up action
    • analysis of previous years' results
    • example of how students' results are recorded
    • random selection of assessed student work for external moderation
    • samples of assessment material, the task and schedule of correct or acceptable answers.
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