Reporting results for candidates

External Assessment Results

External Assessment results, except for those provisionally marked by schools, are entered by NZQA and become live so that schools can see them in the middle of January.  

Provisional and final results for Level 1 and 2 Visual Arts are entered by schools through the secure log-in.

Schools report their Internal Assessment results to NZQA via the Data file submission or Internal Assessment (IA) results facility from mid-December.

Derived Grade Results

Schools need to provide valid, standard specific evidence for all external entries in the event of a candidate applying for a Derived Grade.  This information needs to be accessible to the Principal’s Nominee as it may be needed outside regular term time. School systems should ensure that these results are checked for their accuracy.  If there is no evidence available, no application for a derived grade should be made.

Internal Assessment Results

Schools will send results of Internal Assessment to NZQA monthly from May. These are processed overnight and become live on the NZQA website so that students can view them. Only results for assessment that have been through the Internal Moderation process are to be reported to NZQA.

Where a candidate has presented work or evidence for assessment OR has been given an adequate opportunity to achieve (consistent with school Internal Assessment procedures), the outcome of that assessment must be reported to NZQA as either:

N – Not Achieved
A – Achieved
M - Merit
E – Excellence

It is important that the accuracy of this information is checked. Some school systems require teachers to sign off results before each submission. The reported results can also be viewed under Reports in the School's secure login. NZQA uses these reported results to award qualifications. Candidates can view their reported results online. A system of appeal is in place if there has been any misreporting of assessment results.

It is important that the correct provider code is reported. All results require a provider code as it identifies, for the particular assessment, the organisation:

  • whose Consent to Assess is being used
  • that undertakes the assessment and awards the grade to the particular student
  • whose appeal procedures, and other assessment procedures are being used
  • that attests that the student work is authentic
  • that is responsible for all aspects of internal moderation
  • that is responsible for ensuring samples of student achievement are adequately stored to meet external moderation requirements and to respond to student appeals
  • that has the responsibility for health and safety, providing adequate facilities, ensuring staff are suitably qualified, ensuring there are adequate teaching and learning resources and support services for students.

For all reported results, the school must ensure that it uses the correct provider code, that is the provider code of the assessor. Where an external provider code is used, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) must be in place.

Making amendments to results already reported to NZQA

Each file submission updates the previous submission so changes that need to be made will overwrite any previously reported results.

After file submissions have closed in early December and been processed, NZQA will open a web-based log-in to report late results and make any amendments. Entries need to be made against individual candidates, so it will be very time consuming to enter large volumes of data by this process. This access closes early March. After this time all changes need to be made through the School Relationship Manager (SRM).

Withdrawals from Internal standards

Withdrawals from internal standards can only be made if there has been inadequate opportunity for assessment. No withdrawals from internal standards can be made after the December File Submission. This means that a positive result is expected by NZQA for any standards for which a candidate is still entered.  Leaving an entry blank will signal that a result has not been reported.

Release of results to Tertiary Institutions

NZQA releases data for year 13 leavers to tertiary institutions in New Zealand and Australia so that they can process applications for entry into courses. The release is allowed through the Tertiary Release Flag that is active in your SMS. If a student does not want to have their data released they need to let NZQA know either by the school indicating on their SMS or contacting NZQA directly.

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